CUENTOis a Spanish word meaning literally “story” or as a verb you are “telling” a story. 



CUENTO is a marketing consultancy created and founded by Wayne Partello and Katie Jackson, two former sports executives with a passion for connecting storytelling to revenue generation. The name CUENTO was chosen because of the relationship between “brand” and “story”. We believe that your brand is the story you would like attached to your business in the eyes of your consumers. In order to build your brand, it is crucial to define the story unique to your business and to unapologetically go after making that story a reality.

CUENTO works with brands to identify their story, then builds and executes the plan to deliver that story to the appropriate audiences. This approach is easily observed and understood in the world of sports, but CUENTO has already taken this same strategy to several other industries with similar successes.

We are on a mission to help as many businesses as possible discover the answer to a simple question:

What’s your CUENTO?